YRCastle Norm

Yeux Rouge Castle

Destroyed Kingdom

A kingdom steeped in a rich history and enticing lore, but also mystery and lies. The once small village was brought up to kingdom status through the efforts of two men. Then one betrayed the other and sought a greater throne. He became a god through lies and silver-tongued decite, making all in his kingdom worship him. And in Faerune, that was all you needed to trigger real power.

Through this trial he created an entire race. Beings designed to obey and do his bidding. Zachts , they were called, though they were simply modified humans. White hair was the largest trademark of the breed as well as a lack of common sense. This so they wouldn't think to stand up to him.

Yeux Rouge was a land built around an army and religion and at their peak had trained smaller breeds of dragons to ride.

The kingdom fell eventually as the emperor was killed and then the god overthrown.. The Zachts still thrive, and the residents of Yeux Rouge have moved on mostly, some settlements remain in the Yeux Rouge empire, hoping to rebuild their great empire.

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