Goddess of Snakes and Venom. White City worships her almost exclusively.

Lore surrounding XynEdit

Xyn was trapped in the Underdark for years by the gods for a crime. She was not removed from power, as like many of the, her power derived from her believers. In fact, what they believed she could do, she did. White City is a kingdom dedicated to her. An ancient deal lead to the culture that caused the women to have more power than men, that male heirs to the throne would be fed to her as well as any of the dead.

She is the mother of Yaun-ti and Naga creatures.

Xyn was destroyed in her home after the 2013 Harvest Festival, by a group herald by Malificent Deloncre. Her temple was brought down shortly after.

OOC FactsEdit

Family TreeEdit


Badge of the followers of Xyn

  • Xerxes - Son
    • Amon - Grandson

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Control over snakes
  • Her powers started off as poisons and venom
    • Stretched into healing with enough faith.