"The Rainbow Shark". "The Rainbow Serpent". This is the goddess that the Rechin race believe in as their creator and guardian.

Lore surrounding Tuarceatha'siorcEdit

Written by Ibisan, rechin scholar. Translated by Brother Cornwell, monk of Xyn Born of the great shark Nimhe, who swam up the world's first river from the ocean and gave birth to Tuarceatha'siorc and, as legend goes, the Rechin people. Initially she too was a shark, but as the twisting, meandering forms of rivers was noted to look as a snake, she too took this form and Tuarceatha'siorc became Tuarceatha'nathair. Thought of as a primal goddess, to Tuarceatha'nathair are attributed floods and the horrid, sucking sand, but also praised for the bounty of fish, and shallow water shellfish, as well as crop irrigation. Fishers of all species give offering to her when they cast nets on the river. Rechins speak her name as they dive for clams, or crustaceans. Tuarceatha'nathair is said to be swayed by the offering of the pearls found when clamming, and her followers are known to carry these with them to cast into the waters when they have need of divine aid. It is also said that the rightful Witch Queen of the rechin people will have more talent at finding these as a sign of her right to the throne. Most often Tuarceatha'nathair appears in the form of a great serpent, some three-hundred feet in length, and possessing scales of purist, pristine white. The light reflected off these is said to be such a dazzling display of colors that it can mesmerize the viewer. Legend also speaks of a rechin with pure white scales being one of her forms. Conflicting accounts also suggest this is simply her emissary, though. In addition, the goddess may still appear as Tuarceatha'siorc, a pure white bull shark, hunter and mother of the rainbow. Though her voice is said to be heard from any rainbow, there is an invocation ritual to summon the goddess in her physical form. This can only be performed in a certain location within the Salt Marshes, as if the goddess is displeased by the reason she was summoned she is likely to kill the one who summoned her. The venom that drips from the goddess's fangs is said to be extremely deadly, though no record seems to exist that can give an estimation as to how much so.

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