Trickster (Loki) had been portrayed using Ayame from Fruits Basket


The Trickster God

Lore surrounding Trickster/LokiEdit

The god often appeared to mortals as a bard, spreading rumors sometimes tainted with lies that would pit people and kingdoms against each other.

It is said he lived among them and his bardic instrument of choice was a violin. Some day all his trickery stopped... 

What you didn't know...Edit

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Loki was once a lover of Xyn. She grew angry and jealous of the way he looked to the mortal kind and played him at his own game. She told him of a mortal with a special violin that would kill him, and Loki decided he had to get rid of this mortal first and foremost. Her trick here was that while it was true the violin could have been used against him... she had other plans. His attack on the violin-keeper actually caused him to merge with the young man, leaving him to roam the world trapped in a mortal body. 

If he loved mortals so much, then he will be one.

Loki, now Trickster, continued to live his days and fell in love with a mortal named Hotsu Hora who broke his heart. He died soon after in his depression.

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