Oz the great and powerful china girl by michaelkutsche-d5y1adn

©Michael Kutsche, Disney


Creator: Amanda (Y! IM: ru_thewolf)


Rozaki were created by a wizard who was living by himself. At first, he made them as dolls of porcelain, and then he desired to bring one of them to life.

The first was a female, and she pleaded with him to bring all of them to life too, and in his kindness, the wizard gave in. He brought all of his dolls to life. They were living in their own aspect, capable of thinking, and oddly enough, breeding.

When the kind man died, they continued to prosper, eventually spreading out into their own settlements. The current number of towns is fourteen.


Originally dolls, they still hold many of the physical qualities of their origins. They are pale and delicate looking porcelain with painted features. They are all human in shape.


While they do not currently have a language of their own, the Rozaki are in the process of developing their own.

Strengths / Weaknesses

The qualities of Porcelain such as, but not limited to:

  • Capable of withstanding heat of 1,300 degrees Celcius
  • Fragile

And while they are capable of learning magic, like many magic-using races, they are not immune from the same spells.



Max 200.


  • Males: 3ft
  • Females: 2ft 10in


Max 60lbs


Rocks, gemstones.


Sexual. Limited to only others of their kind.

Breeding can be a dangerous thing for Rozakis and take some careful and constant attention until birth. 


Rozakis are capable of learning and using magic like a human mage.