Humans! (©Sims3)

The most basic race available to Faerune. They are the most diverse in size, skill, capabilities, and are the most flexible to deal with in roleplay as with just one bite or one curse they can become an entirely different race.



Ronzdi live all over Faerune, compatible with most other races they are generally found dotted through other nations. Over time and generations they learn to cope and adapt to various living conditions that others of the same race would find absolutely impossible to handle. It is due to the habitat that the race is so diversified. Those in the desert have darker skin and higher tolerance to dry heat and can make due with very little. Those in the mountains are paler and can handle the cold, also making due with little. Tropics are dark skinned, but deal in humidity than dry heat and have a greater range of resources to choose from. Still, some ronzdi are nomadic rather than stationary.



40-80 years is the average. Though few exceptions over, and many exceptions beneath.


Ronzdis range anywhere from 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 1.8 m) tall though there are a few exceptions in either direction depending on genes and environment.


Ronzdi males range from 168-183 lbs (76-83 kg) and females from 120-140 lbs (54–64 kg). This is only the average however as genes, lifestyle, and environment play role in this development as well.


Omnivores, they are capable of eating a wide range of flora and fauna, though this may not always be available or preference to them.


This race seems to be able to mix with almost all other races. Like other animals, they participate in sexual reproduction when they do.


Hereditary. Some possess a natural talent for it, others must practice hard.