Summer Glass Globe FarEast PSD by taketo
We currently only have a single world here in Boundless Universe Roleplay: Faerune.

Faerune is a medieval based roleplay world with a heavy emphasis on most things magical. There is a smidgen of steampunk aspects but are not allowed to progress too far in order to preserve the nature of a "medieval" time frame.

We have a second world slowly in the works, though its undetermined whether or not this will be ready any time in the foreseeable future: Mesorah

There are a large selection of races to chose from, but if you want to create your own, here's the MINIMUM of what you need: Two (2) weaknesses that do not include natural fatalities (decapitation, blood loss, etc).

You are welcome to use examples of what we already have provided in the Races tab as a template to help carve out your race. Custom races do have to be approved by the staff, but we try to work with you if the race doesn't get approved in the first go.

If you are interested in creating your own world you Must speak to an Administrator directly. Worlds must have at least forty (40) semi-active members. OR throw us a donation of forty-five (45) US dollars/month.