Vampires look like what they used to be... mostly.

One of the most popular races in media.


This race was created with direct interference from the gods, particularly a dark trio who preyed on one man's strong desire to return to being who he was after a curse by the trio's rival goddess. After the man had spurred the love of a goddess, she destroyed what he prized over her: his looks. Humiliated he pleaded for forgiveness, for his face to return to him and none would heed him besides the Dark Trio, who took away his reflection so he would not have to bear the pain any longer. To others they will see his old beautiful face... but in order to feed this, he would have to do something for them. They wanted blood and sacrifice, and for him to spread their gift to others. The man became cannibalistic for them, feeding not only on blood to fuel his face and power, but on the entire flesh of beings in honor of the three who answered his cries.

The man was able to pick and choose whom he wanted to join him in the cause. However, the power would dillute over the passing of this disease creating a difference in power among the growing race. The man and the people changed directly by him were the most powerful Okultsty. Any changed by them however, lacked some of the other gifts the gods that created them had to give.


They are capable of living anywhere they please, but prefer the darker areas of the world over the light, making them more nocturnal than others.


Okultsty do not have any particular troubles with other races. (ie, have no relation to Underworld, kthx.)


Considered deceased, they lack a technical age. They do not seem to grow either, stuck in the state they were created in.


Okultsty share the height of their original race.


Okultsty share the weight of their original race.


Blood is crucial to their diet, but the first generation Okultsty will feast on flesh as well. "Real" food can be digested but Okultsty do not get anything from it.


Okultsty do not seem to be capable of mixing with others. Expanding the breed is to convert others.


First generation Okultsty (direct descendants of the first) are capable of higher powers in magic as they are the most closely related to the god's will. Second generation and onward only possess the powers they are capable of before change. They do become capable of learning blood magic, and some skills that the Okultsty developed to obtain prey better.