Dopplegangers, are vastly different from the cloning spell or skill of the same name. They are a humanoid similar to clay at the start of their life and take on attributes by mime. With each form they are inperfect on varying degrees, having on control on what they mess up with and it surely does not matter. Once taking the form of someone they can start to mold themselves. A bit from this, a bit from that, and the doppleganger has a new unique body all to itself (or at least till someone else borrows a piece). They are rumored to have a goal in perfection in themselves, airing on the side of vanity.

They can even learn skillsets of the people they borrow from, if given enough time to mimic. Like most changers, they learn by doing rather than reading or watching. While mimicing, they copy every action, and copying it enough, it will submit to muscle memory, allowing them to pull it no matter the form taken.


Another race inherited from the mysterious Mystics, dopplegangers crossed into the greater Faerune as any other creature might have moved from once city to another. Legends account a story to their birth of a lonely sculptor who sought perfection begging the gods to bring his work to life. They did, but the statue ran off to finish achieving perfection and the lonely sculptor stayed quite lonely thereafter, trying again thrice until he learned his lesson that perfection was hardly to be achieved. The statues found one another however, and finding themselves complete with one another, would breed and create more of these clay beings looking for that one finishing touch...


Dopplegangers take only humanoid forms. They will always have an inconsistancy compared to the original. This can range from anywhere small as an added birthmark, or obvious such as hair type (decided via d10).


Average of 60 years


Vary depending on adapted trait. At start, roughly 5 foot.


Vary depending on adapted trait. At start, roughly 140-210lbs.


Omnivores, they can eat mostly anything if prepared right. Dopplegangers need meat on the rarer side.


Dopplegangers breed sexually with other humanoids. The child, if given doppleganger traits, will be born plain as fired clay, detailed only with basic features.