Prounounced "Noonyeah".


This race started from a deal that was made with The Dealer. The deal was that the being could gain certain attributes from his enemies, but to do so he would have to devour the organs of the being, with the heart possessing the best of attributes.

Power GainingEdit

Attributes and Power Adaption/Robbing must have OOC permission in order to be taken.

Their hunger for organs is driven by their obsession for a certain attribute. These obsessions start small, the Nunyan will work its way up through creatures by size. Their hunger is only present when a worthy meal is present.

For example the a Nunyan desired strength above all else and so he would be driven to attack and eat the organs of those with worthy strength in order to gain that strength. He would not be hungry until he encountered that strong person. 

Nunyans have been known to turn down fights against those they feel are lesser.

Power RobbingEdit

A nunyan can take an ability from a creature they feel is 'stronger' than it (in their selective attribute). This needs to be approved by the victim OOC, as they wll be losing it.

Fore example the Nunyan attacked a Lycanthrope and wanted its ability to turn by the moon. It eats one of the lycanthrope's heart (See note) and takes the power to shift... and now the lycanthrope cannot shift.


  • The Heart is the organ where the strongest powers can be obtained. In the Lycanthrope example this ability was taken from the heart. A kidney would not suffice.
  • Again, OOC permission is needed from your victim to be taking powers / organs. Victims do not need to die in order for these things to happen, but if certain organs are taken (like the heart) then it is likely the victim will.


Nunyans possess the physical stats, base weakenesses and strengths as their original race.


Nunyans are capable of breeding but it is dangerous as the strongest genetic could mean the baby could possibly try to eat their way out of the mother. 

  • As such, the "only" way for Nunyans to spread is to make nunyans out of other nunyans by eating an organ of one and becoming 'infected' by it.