At the moment, Donations are fairly simple, but require you to have a PayPal account IN YOUR NAME. It used to be as simple as pushing a donate button and selecting how much you wanted to give. Sadly, with PayPal's change in policies the way we have now has a few more steps to it.

Here's what to do:

1) Email The_Guardian at and let him know how much you'd like to donate as well as the e-mail account you use to access your PayPal

2) The_Guardian will bill your PayPal for the amount specified and you will recieve an e-mail notification. Open this email and click the link.

3) Pay the man! You have our thanks for anything you are able to spare ^_^.


Donations help keep the site running, but can also come with some perks.

Badges are given to characters who have helped out with donations.

Names will be added to the Wall of Honor Page for those who have donated either time, artwork, coding, and funding for this site.

Some BU artists may be willing to offer their talents for BU donations.