HoraHouse Normal

Hora School of Trade

This is the home of Hotsu Hora, all those that come in to the school that have been trained under her teaching are always welcome here. The House was made for those who were lost who found home with in the school.

The basic rules of the home were simply laid out.

One must always walk with honor. The respect of all things around you will bring you in to a peaceful state of mind. Those that make and craft you must be responcible for those Items. Your trade is your name and you are as good as the products your produce.

One must always be true, never let the corruption of lies enter your heart. You must stray from such findings.

Smile, it will bring others to smile with you.


Hora House Badge


This home is located between Jade and the western side of Weylin. What was origonaly from Jade had been removed by the Signature of Empress Mitsuko. After that she had opened her doors to anything that was needed of any being. The location was considered the Middle point of Jade and Weylin.


Map of Hora School of Trade



The students who graduate from training recive a special sash given to them and also a ring of welcoming to return and use the home when ever they like.  There is a cerimony where the blades are made and the sash is presented to that student. It is a high honor with in the home.
HoraHouse Inside

The inner home of the Hora School of Trade


Along with the Sayas, Horas are a second eldest family in Jade. However their reputation was ruined by Horuko Hora, the father of Hotsu and Hopti. The Hora's had 3 sons and 2 daughters. Hopti had when Hotsu was very young, leaving Hotsu to tend for her family. Her father had demanded more money for a blade made for the Sayas and with that brought dishonor on the home. Their home moved closer to the mines to escape the persecution of city rumors. Hotsu was left to care for her family but soon all of them had passed away.

Only later was it discovered her sister Hopti had killed them off to regain honor for the both of them. Since that time, Hotsu had worked her way up. She made weapons for the Jade army, many of which were laced in silver, so those would harm the Lycans during those wars.

Hotsu herself had never attacked a lycan and she held no hatred one way or the other. But she went with society. She was then attacked and taken by Ryle and Broken by hiraku it was then she had decided to make a school dedicated to normal trades. She continued to build. Building after building. Homes were added and wildlife was captured.

Scroll with in the School


History on the Walls