So you've died and found out there is no heaven or hell for you to go to. The Abyss doesn't seem to be calling you yet and there seems to be something tying you to this world.

Welcome to being a ghost.

Ghosts can travel in night and day. They can posses another player (please get ooc permission first, even if it is agreeing to a dice roll.) Unless they become a poltergeist (see staff), it is incredibly hard for them to move or physically interact with any object in the living world.

Spirits on the other hand, were never dead to start with. You may be dead and call yourself a spirit, which is fine, but your incorrect use of terminology may get you giggled at.


Ghosts have been around since the first person died in Faerune. There isn't anything terribly romantic to write about them.


Wherever the dead may roam.


  • You can start out as a ghost if you'd like. Though that does take some fun out of killing your character.


However old you were before you died + however long you've been dead.


Whatever your height was when you died.


Non-existant. You're a ghost.


Nothing. You're dead.


Why is this even here? you may be thinking about it but you sure aren't going to be procreating other ghosts. You could possibly possess someone, kill them or someone else, and thus make another ghost... but that doesn't really count.