Cipher Castle

Destroyed Kingdom.

Two opposing tribes of elves sought to settle their differences by making an ajoined kingdom. Hardships were all but long gone, however, their chosen plot of land they established their new home on was near a nest of vampires that could daywalk. A vicious and terrible group, they descended upon the budding kingdom just as things were settling down and life seemed hopeful. It started with a kidnap, the queen was taken away with them and when she returned, the massacre began. The lucky were dead, as being turned into something so against their creed was a torment in itself and an eternity to spend it only worsened the bite. Such was the case with their queen, who had been turned and gone mad for it. She attacked and turned her own son.

The truth of the story is convulted, passed on through word of mouth and the only witnesses are dead at last. Though perhaps a ghost could attest for you the events that took place so many years ago. And that, they'll tell you, isn't even the end of the story for the cursed kingdom of Cipher.

The prince was sold off into slavery... and he suffered the same effects his mother did, not only did the jobs drive him insane doing what he didn't please and didn't enjoy, but he was living a life he could not bring himself to live. Eventually he got free, and returned to take control of his fallen remains of a home. He took his place as king and sought to rebuild it with the encouragement of few friends. Cipher fell to trouble again, and this time it had been encased in ice... and again they came up from the ruins.