Uhm... quick rules? Maybe. Like Simple rules. Such as

Top 9 Everyone should know by heart.Edit

1. Characters must be original. This is not a fanbase for anything.
  • This does not exclude the use of your favorite image, however.
2.You may have only ONE account, but unlimited characters.
  • Do Not Share accounts.
  • Failure to comply to either of these may result in banning.
3. All rooms are open to all. However, user-made rooms listed with Private or Past in their name and are exempt from this rule. Do not enter these without asking permission unless you are already part of the setting.
4. All adult situations must be taken off site. No exceptions.
5. OOC is kept to CPM (Control Panel Messages) there is to be no OOC in chat rooms and no OOC chat rooms created.
6. ASK if it is alright to use OOC information in-character. This applies to telepathic and god-like characters alike.
7. The Report box is for issues such as bugs, OOC harassment, or an idea/suggestion.
8. Please take OOC fights out of chat completely. If situation gets worse, contact an admin or mod to help sort it out.
9. Images must be no more than 100kb for their file size.
  • Avatar Max: 300px wide, 300px high
  • Banner Max: 500px wide, 100px high.

more detailed rules can be found on their respective topics here in the Wikia. If you are unsure, it is best to ask a STAFF member.

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