God of Light and Health.

Apollo gave his god hood up and is currently trying to regain it.

Lore surrounding ApolloEdit

Apollo is known for many things beyond his title. An exceptional talent for archery, he is also quite the womanizer which is rumored to be quite the social weakness of his. A good natured man, he had been forced to repent his mistakes of poisoning and killing another god's chosen by earning his powers back. When he was back in power he met and loved Freya, another goddess, and had with her twins before they would fall apart.

Freya vanished purposely, leaving the children with him and the other gods who had grown tired of the woman in their ranks broke the marriage vows for them so that Apollo would be able to move on and resume his status.

Time passed and Apollo would end up removing himself from power to persue a new love... or perhaps it were a problem that required his sacrifice... and currently seeks to rise up once more. Until then he gives his sons guidance as they awaken to their own powers and responsibilities.

There are a few who still believe in Apollo as their god for guidance.

OOC FactsEdit

Family TreeEdit

  • Freya - Ex Wife
    • Trios - Son
    • Tino - Son