Giygas abyss

artistic interpretation of the ever shifting nature of the abyss

The Abyss is the spiritual world side of Faerune.  It is largely open to inerpretation and attempts to map it have proven futile as the landscape is ever changing. There are only a few fixed points (though they may grow in time) in this very mysterious and dangerous, ever morphing terrain. 

It helps to imagine Faerune and the Abyss as two circles that overlap one another. They both occupy the same space, but not in the same dimension. Time also moves much more quickly in The Abyss, as compared to Faerune.

It is not a true kingdom.


Since the beginning of time in Faerune, there has existed The Abyss. In early days, most on the material plane only ever discovered this dimension by accident. It was once a secret the higher beings (old gods) held only to themselves and would often use as a second home.

Few mortal races still know about the entrances to The Abyss, and even fewer of the population venture into a landscape that holds immense dangers, often with little reward.

It is said to be a second sanctuary for some of the gods, including death. It is said to be a place where souls will go when they are ready to pass on from their old life to their next. It is a place where you may walk through dreams and nightmares alike. It is a place where that which was once physical seems to become intangible. It is a place of insanity and serenity. It is chaotic and dangerous even with a guide.

Fixed Locations

Entrances & Exits

(map to come) There are only a few places in which to find your way into the Abyss. However, given that all of the entrances are located in the physical plane, they are of course fixed (unless destroyed). Many of them are located in The Mystics, a most difficult place to get to. The same goes for exits OUT of The Abyss. They are fixed points, but given the extreme difficulty of navigating and ever changing, constantly flowing terrain, it hardly seems that way.

Howling Skies

Temple of La Luna, goddess of the moon. I'll let someone fill this in.

The Void

god... spirit... prison... thing?